November 22, 1963

This website presents documents and photographs around key elements of the assassination of John F Kennedy.

The blog section is a collection of essays that offer conclusions drawn from the data, working theories and informed speculation.

Not every person discussed here was involved in the assassination. Some were simply caught in the orbit of Dealey Plaza because of their personal associations or involvement in the anti-Castro operations of the early 1960’s, which put them in a position to see and hear things. There were many who unwittingly played tertiary roles with no direct knowledge of the real endgame.

The action in Dealey Plaza was carried out by a small group of highly motivated United States intelligence officers, anti-Castro Cuban exiles and select personnel.

Only a few prime movers held all the pieces to the puzzle and were privy to the full enterprise. Operational security, tradecraft and professional norms dictated that the operators involved were managed on a highly compartmentalized, need-to-know basis.

“Nobody is going to think critically for us. Each of us has the individual responsibility to maintain perspective, or at least to try. We can control our clicks, what we choose to share online, what we talk about with friends and what we contemplate alone. If we want to solve important problems, we have to pay attention to them.”
~Jack Schlossberg, 2017

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