The mission of this website is to:

  1. Provide documents and photographs related to the assassination of John F Kennedy
  2. Present new primary research material and analysis (blog essays)

This collection of material would not be possible without the massive contributions of James Richards. In addition to allowing me access to his vast and unparalleled collection of photographs, he has graciously shared with me – time and time again – his unique insight into these events and the world of covert operations and intelligence. James has been abundantly helpful and freely offered his time, guidance and support over many years. Deepest gratitude, mate!

A number of other researchers have also graciously shared valuable material they obtained through their own hard work. Dennis Moricet has been especially helpful and is responsible for much of the HSCA material, including the audio recordings of Amos Euins, James Jarman, Jr., and Harold Norman. Jessica Shores and Linda Giovanna Zambanini have contributed excellent photos of Jerry Buchanan, Carl Jenkins, David Sooy and others. I am grateful for your generosity and kind support.

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