Articles & Essays

• 1963 Calendar

• 50 Reasons for 50 Years by Leonard Osanic, 2012 (YouTube video series)

• Agent Provocative by Matt Isaacs, 1999 (Anthony Alexander Poshepny)

• America’s James Bond by David C Martin, 1980 (William King Harvey)

• Anniversary Recalls Congo Rescue by Miami Cubans by Glenn Garvin, 2014

CIA Agent Alive and Well in Costa Rica by Bob Ford, 1976 (John Adrian O’Hare)

• The CIA’s Loaded Gun by William C Martin, 1976 (William King Harvey)

• The Cowboys of JMWAVE

• Dave Powers’ Agenda and Notes, November 21-23, 1963

• Dealey Plaza Arrests by Gary Murr

• Dynasty, 1996 (The Odio Family)

• Escape From the 6th Floor by John Armstrong

• Ex-Officer Suspects He Chased Suspect, The Dallas Morning News, 1978

• From Grimsby with Love by Ronald Ecker, 2005 (Albert Alexander Osborne)

Itinerary for November 22, 1963 between 8:45 AM and 12:30 PM

• Jack Ruby by John Armstrong

JFK, Oswald and the Raleigh Connection by Randolph Benson, 2012

• Jim Garrison Playboy Interview, 1967

• Jim Garrison Interview, 1969 (Credit: Malcolm Blunt and Bart Kamp)

Is John Adrian O’Hare Dead or Alive by Fred Williams, 1984

• Leaving the Texas School Book Depository by John Armstrong

Left Nitor. Martyr (1936­-1979) by Mario A Enriquez (Nestor Izquierdo)

• The Man in the Dark Sports Coat by William Weston

• The Murder of J.D. Tippit by John Armstrong

• The Night of the White Horse by Harold Feeney Sr, 1988

The Penultimate Hero – Article (Felipe Vidal Santiago)

The Penultimate Hero – Translation (Felipe Vidal Santiago)

• The Plot To Kill JFK In Chicago by Edwin Black, 1975

• Presidential Motorcade Schematic by Todd Vaughn, 1993

• Recalling the Bay of Pigs by David Atlee Phillips, 1986

• Roy Hargraves Interview with Noel Twyman, 2001

The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll by Debra Conway, 2001

The “Sniper’s Nest”: Incarnations and Implications by Allan Eaglesham

The Spy Left Out in the Cold by Owen Band, 2019 (Bernardo de Torres)

State Secret by Bill Simpich, 2013

Stemmons Freeway and the John F Kennedy Assassination

• The Ups & Downs of the TSBD, The Dealey Plaza Echo, 2008

• When They Kill A President by Roger Craig, 1971

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