Articles & Essays

• 1963 Calendar

• 50 Reasons for 50 Years by Leonard Osanic, 2012 (YouTube video series)

• Anniversary Recalls Congo Rescue by Miami Cubans by Glenn Garvin, 2014

• The Cowboys of JMWAVE

• Dave Powers’ Agenda and Notes, November 21-23, 1963

• Dealey Plaza Arrests by Gary Murr

• Dynasty, 1996 (The Odio Family)

• Escape From the 6th Floor by John Armstrong

• Ex-Officer Suspects He Chased Suspect, The Dallas Morning News, 1978

Itinerary for November 22, 1963 between 8:45 AM and 12:30 PM

JFK, Oswald and the Raleigh Connection by Randolph Benson, 2012

• Jim Garrison Playboy Interview, 1967

• Jim Garrison Interview, 1969 (Credit: Malcolm Blunt and Bart Kamp)

• Leaving the Texas School Book Depository by John Armstrong

• The Man in the Dark Sports Coat by William Weston

Mysteries of the 112 Intelligence Corp Group by Larry Hancock

• The Plot To Kill JFK In Chicago by Edwin Black, 1975

• Presidential Motorcade Schematic by Todd Wayne Vaughan, 1993

The Secret Service Agent on the Knoll by Debra Conway, 2001

The “Sniper’s Nest”: Incarnations and Implications by Allan Eaglesham

State Secret by Bill Simpich, 2013

Stemmons Freeway and the John F Kennedy Assassination

• The Ups & Downs of the TSBD, The Dealey Plaza Echo, 2008

• When They Kill A President by Roger Craig, 1971

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